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Lynn Guissinger: Dedicated to Service

Lynn and FlatironsI’m Lynn Guissinger, and I’d like to share a bit about my life experience and why I believe I will serve you well on the RTD Board of Directors. I am a small business owner and former attorney with broad experience in managing a business, in multimodal transportation, and in financial analysis and creative fundraising.  I work collaboratively with different groups to solve problems and get things done.  I am passionate about helping build strong communities that work for people’s lives. And, I believe that accessible, affordable transportation is critical to making peoples’ lives work well.

Local Businesswoman: I have lived in Boulder since 1980, attending law school at the University of Colorado. I own a small business and successfully sold most of it three years ago in a way that kept all my employees employed. My business now partners with city transportation departments around the country to market and promote their transit, biking and walking facilities and options.  We have worked with Seattle, Cambridge, Denver, Boulder, San Diego, Tucson, Anchorage and other cities.  This magazine effort was a finalist for top new woman-owned business in the outdoor industry in 2015.  I was featured in January 2017 by the Colorado Office of Economic Development blog in “9 Awesome Entrepreneur Women Who Are Doing Cool Things in Colorado.

Legal Experience: I practiced law for a number of years. I clerked on the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit and assisted Judge Breitenstein as Special Master to the U.S. Supreme Court (acting as trial judge to advise the US Supreme Court) on two interstate water cases.  After practicing at Holland & Hart, I taught Land Use Planning Law and Local Government Law at the University of Colorado School of Law in Boulder.

Board Service: I have served on numerous city and non-profit boards, hoping to do my part to make Boulder County an even better place.  These include:

  • City of Boulder Transportation Advisory Board (chairing the board for two years)
  • City of Boulder Greenways Advisory Committee
  • Commuting Solutions Board
  • Chair, Campaign to pass 2M and 2N, the Community Culture and Safety tax
  • Boulder Housing Partners Foundation Board, President
  • Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, Member
  • Senior Fellow, Getches Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources and Environment, CU Law School
  • Community Cycles Capital Campaign
  • Focus Reentry, Treasurer
  • Emergency Family Assistance Association, Past president
  • Intercambio Uniting Communities, Past member
  • Democratic Women of Boulder County, Past president

In addition, my company, through my late husband, Leslie Bohm, was one of the four founders of People For Bikes and one of the original 13 to launch the National Bike Summit.

I hope this gives you a snapshot of the experience and attributes I will bring to the table, but I will never forget that the RTD Board is about serving you, the residents and transit users of District O. I hope we can chat about what you want from RTD as we move forward into an exciting transportation future.